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Here to help you improve your skills in Food, Drink & Hospitality Photography.

Goat Burger Stack with fresh minced goat from The Goat Company.  3 Burgers in a stack.  Photography by Sue Todd Photography.

The Food Photography Coach

I’m Sue Todd and I’m a specialist food, drink & hospitality photographer.  I love what I do and really enjoy making people feel hungry.

Learning something new can feel impossible and it’s not a feeling we tend to embrace, we’re too used to feeling comfortable.  I’ve also been involved with education in one way or another for many years, from home education, to putting the first units of a degree course online for a local univerity to working within my company to produce state of the art medical training to 52 countries worldwide.  All of this means that I know how to help and get you past the hurdles you can see and feel.

Setting up your own photography brand guidelines can be daunting,  I can help you with this. I’ve worked with a multitude of different clients large and small, so I’ve worked extensively with brand guidelines and as well as helping you with your actual photography I can help you to set up brand guidelines to suit your business.

I started teaching photography some years ago now and I just adore seeing ‘that’ look in someone’s eyes when it all falls into place and they ‘get’ how it all works.

Sure there’s a wealth of tutorials out there, but finding what you need, when you need it to answer your specific issues is another matter.  You need help to solve ‘your’ immediate issues not someone else’s and that is exactly what I created the Food Photography Coach for!

Do you just do Food Photography?

I cover, Food, Drink & Hospitality Photography but the name the ‘Food, Drink & Hospitality Photography Coach’ is a bit of mouthful.  That’s why I went with the ‘Food Photography Coach’.

Whatever your situation is, whether you want to learn in person or virtually I offer both.  If there’s a group of you from the same company or if it’s just you, I can create a bespoken course or workshop especially for you.

You can have a fancy DSLR or just a camera phone, I can help you to produce images that really pop regardless.

If you’d like to learn editing then that’s super as I do that too.

Need help with your branding? Then of course I can help.

I will help you to develop your skills at a pace to suit you and we can work on the specific issues that you have.

Why Choose The Food Photography Coach?

Years of Experience

With years of photographic experience in the sector and having worked with a huge range of clients, I’m going to have the answers you need. 

Teaching Expertise

The Food Photography Coach is all about making photography easy to understand, no jargon, and as little technical detail as possible.  I love helping people to achieve more than they thought possible.


I’ve worked in the Food, drink & hospitality industry and that’s where my passion for it came from.  Combining that with my love of photography really was a match made in heaven.  The industry really needs beautiful photography and I adore helping people develop their skill.

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