Do you have backups of all your imagery?

By that I mean copies of your images that are off site and/or on a different drive? I know so many people who don’t bother, who feel that backups are just another chore. However …. that’s all fine until something goes wrong.

If you lose access to a device or a hard drive fails you stand a good chance of losing all the data on there. I’ve known so many clients without backups who come rushing to me after losing their images in the hope that I’ve still got copies. Mostly I have …. but I’d still advise taking precautions.

We are so dependant upon technology, and while it’s all working we forget just what a total pain it can be. All my data is always backed up onsite and off but I thought I’d share a story of something that happened just this weekend with my husband’s phone that caused us no end of issues.

Do you remember the days before technology took off? When backups weren’t a thing?

As a child we were one of few households to have a home phone, it used something called a shared ‘party line’ – anyone remember those? I can remember struggling with the concept of a ‘party’ happening on the phone. I was an odd child it has to be said. It was the height of technology though and I can still remember that first phone number too.

But rock on to the present day and technology is all around us and we are so dependant upon it. I’d be totally lost without my phone and I now live in leggings with pockets as the only way to ensure I don’t lose the darn thing.

Everything in the garden is rosy, while our technology works ….

But every now and then there’s a glitch isn’t there? A service or app is down, there’s a power cut or worse case scenario there’s a total fail with the technology! That just happened with my husband’s iPhone.

One day it worked the next day no sound for calls or video recording.

You can hear videos on YouTube just fine, but don’t try to record a video, it doesn’t work, well not if you expect sound. This was followed by the normal switch on and off, the google search, the chat with Apple, the phone reset but nothing worked. Sound dead! Phone useless.

Worse still after a reset he needed to set up apps again! Now, not only can he not call anyone or take calls but he can’t access his online banking account. It’s set up so that to verify your identity you have to upload a video reading words they give you. Of course there’s no sound and so it doesn’t work. Do they have a work around? NOPE!

Similar issue with his Sat Nav app, and can’t get help there either and of course none of it is helped by a bank holiday weekend to boot.

Let this be a reminder

It’s been a stark reminder of how much we depend on IT and how limited you can suddenly become without it. Online Banking that can’t be used unless verified in a specific way that leaves you without access to your funds is pretty shabby though I think, don’t you? They say 4-5 days for a resolution!!! That’s one account that will be getting closed very soon! His card will work as long as he doesn’t need his pin, as he can’t remember that and he can only get it from the app if he submits a video ….. Talk about being stuck in an infinite loop.

I’m thinking that technology isn’t always a good thing. Replacement phone is on order ….

Luckily the phone and all the data on it is backed up. For a lot of people, their business imagery is on their phone – so what happens if that’s lost? How easy would it be to replace all of that? I know lots of people don’t want to fork out money for backups but honestly can you afford not to?

So are you backing up your imagery?  And how often?

Don’t lose your imagery or important data, get it backed up NOW! When it comes to your business, those images are vital collateral that you can’t afford to lose.

I’ve had clients and students who’ve come to me and said that they really don’t have a problem here because they keep everything online, that’s one copy of everything on an online service. There’s often the assumption that if you are using a service such as Dropbox, Microsoft, BackBlaze, Google etc that your data is safe and you don’t need another backup. I’d say that’s just so wrong. No software platform is infallible and accidents can and do happen. So yes, use an online backup service by all means, just don’t make it your only backup – have a local copy too, at least one!

You probably like most people have masses of images on your phone too, not just work imagery but family memories. How upset would you be if you lost them? This does happen to people, so be warned. Also if you use Amazon Prime did you know that one of the benefits is online photo storage? Use it!