Do you have a camera gathering dust? Or tucked away on a shelf or in a cupboard?

Is it one of those things you yearned to learn but never quite got round to? Do you feel guilty every time you set eyes on it?

What put you off?

– Lack of time?
– It all seemed really hard to understand?
– It’s easier and faster to use your phone?

Yes there are loads of free resources to learn from, but I’m guessing if your camera is still sitting unused that those solutions didn’t quite do the intended job? Maybe they moved to fast, were too complex, or just didn’t answer your questions and needs.

Sure it can be easier and faster to use your phone and we all have them these days. However, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of taking an image using manual settings on your camera and getting the exact results you were after, that the phone couldn’t quite get right no matter how you tried.

I’m not knocking your phone, there’s a time and a place for everything. BUT if you’ve got a camera sitting there it’s such a shame not to grab the opportunity and put it to good use.

You may have been put off, thinking that it’s all too difficult to do, it may be that you had the wrong person teaching you or the resources you found didn’t make sense.

I remember my very first driving lesson where the instructor thought that he needed to convey to me the entire inner workings of the combustion engine in order to make the car go from A to B. I was far from impressed. The inner workings of the engine holds no attraction to me what so ever and I’m guessing that most people picking up a camera feel the same way about the internal workings of the camera. All they really want to do is to be able to use it.

The thing is, and maybe as a photographer I shouldn’t be saying this, but mastering how to use a camera on manual isn’t hard! It also doesn’t need to be full of jargon and overly complex.

If that’s how you’ve found it so far then you’ve a surprise in store if you come and work with me!

In the course of just a day I’ll take you from feeling perplexed to feeling at home with your camera and how to use it. You won’t go away being the next great photographer, there’s a bit more to it than that, BUT you will leave me, able to use your camera in anger so to speak and knowing what settings are best in which circumstances.

You’ll leaving knowing

  • how to cope with light and dark situations,
  • how to capture fast movements and how to slow things down,
  • how to have everything sharp in your image and
  • how to have the background blurred out.

Better still you’ll know what to do to achieve this every single time, you will not be dependant upon the camera to do it for you. That’s a great feeling to have.

I don’t use jargon, I do make it fun and easy to follow. You’ll have lots of support and I don’t leave you on your own at the end of the session either. There’s a follow up session online where you can check anything you’ve found hard, go over anything you need to hear again and to show what you’ve achieved since the workshop.

You’ll get notes and a guide to take away with you, and you’ll have a fun packed day in my studio. We even throw in lunch and refreshments.

Interested?  Drop me a line to have a chat, or come and book now – Early bird offer ends soon!