I thought it might be good to start this blog with a post about how it began – the Food Photography Coach didn’t just appear overnight but has been on the cards for a long while.

I love to hear other people’s stories of how it began, indeed stories through images is what I do, so I hope you enjoy reading about this.

I’m Sue Todd and the person behind the Food Photography Coach.  When I started out on my own in 2014 I did commercial photography, some headshots and food, drink & hospitality.  So my audience was quite far reaching and I became aware that there were a lot of people who weren’t in the position of being able to hire a pro photographer.  However they still needed great images and weren’t happy with what they were producing.

So back in 2017 I started Photography Bootcamp to help small business owners create better images for their business.  By 2019 I’d done a range of online courses and workshops and had a Facebook Group but was feeling torn.  By now I was mainly shooting food, drink & hospitality and that was where my passion lay.  I wasn’t so intrigued by other genres but that was what Photography Bootcamp initially set out to do.

The next year was spent trying to decide exactly how to take things forward.  2020 arrived and well we all know what that brought!  2020 also meant an unexpected house move which meant my big studio was gone and I had a much, much smaller space.  Certainly no longer enough space to run workshops.

Undeterred I ran some virtual training in the summer of 2020 to test the waters out and see if virtual photography training would work.  It did work really well and I’m pleased with the results.

I had made the decision to change Photography Bootcamp to focus more on food.  However the name didn’t seem right anymore.  So more time was lost thinking about this.  After much discussion both in Photography Bootcamp and with people on LinkedIn, and a host of others I considered many names and eventually came up with the Food Photographers Coach.

It was so hard to make that decision.  It didn’t cover drink & hospitality but that would be such a mouthful, I wondered about calling myself a coach but many people just said but that’s what you do ….   Eventually the decision was made though it took a good while for me to come to terms with it.

By the end of summer 2020, I knew I couldn’t work over winter in my small space so I started to look for a studio away from home and no time to think about teaching.

How it began: The first coat of paint on the new studio floor and a step closer to being able to start workshops and create the Food Photography Coach!

How it began: The first coat of paint on the new studio floor and a step closer to being able to start workshops and create the Food Photography Coach!

In November 2020, I got the keys for my studio and was so excited to have so much space.  I was even more excited about being able to think about workshops.

Except….. Except it took a while to move everything and get organised and then work started to fly through the doors and I didn’t really come up for air until September 2021.   By October I’d still done nothing.

In October by chance I met Michelle Szpak virtually on a challenge she was running and when I said I was now going to really get on with things and organise my first workshop, she asked me for a date!  EEK!  So a date was given.  The Food Photography Coach was born, and this is how it began!  Needless to say I didn’t hit the launch date …. but  slowly, slowly ….

I can’t wait to get busy doing workshops again, but this time focused on the industry I love as well.  To have the space to hold workshops, teach on a 1-2-1 basis,  the right space and kit to do workshops virtually and I’ve so many plans now for the future.  I hope you come along for the ride, it’s going to be so much fun.